Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I wonder how many blogs I've started and deleted... one too many, but I suppose I'm a dime a dozen out there who has a bad habit of this. Lets see if I can keep up this time.

Well first off... it's now 2013. I feel like not much happened in 2012, hopefully I can make this year much more eventful... however, I am a huge homebody... I love my bed, I love being in the comforts of my own home and Vu and I are definitely people who walk around in the house in our undies. There. I said it.

Well... actually now that I've looked back in the photos on my phone...

We visited Kathy & Jon and went to NorCal for the first time. 
 Houdini turned 5.
Lola turned 7.
Betsy turned 1. 
We went fishing in Big Bear Lake.
Saw The Naked and Famous. 

Donated two pieces of artwork to GetArt5.

Got a good amount of loot at flea markets. 

Kathy and Jon got married. 

Roasted lamb leg for the first time (guys, it was scary), tried moonshine for the first time and had most of the family over in our tiny home for the first time. (Oh and got a surprise from Kathy and Jon crashing our party!)

Okay, so I guess a decent amount of stuff happened. 

Right now, I am currently sick with a bit of the flu. Been experiencing headaches, stuffy head (feels like a bit of my vertigo when it kicks in), hurts to eat, hurts to drink, hurts to swallow, hurts to talk, I'm tired... blech. Last night I kept waking up in the middle of the night by my own snoring... WHOA. So my sister and Vu have told me I snore a bit, but THIS. WAS. LOUD. and I know it had to be because I couldn't breathe out of my nose because my mouth was open every time and drool was running down my cheek every time. (Purdy attractive, am I riii? Look out now!) Anyway... juiced the past two nights packed full of vitamins, hopefully that helps... woke up this morning still feeling terrible, but I feel a lot better now. 

Cheers to beating the flu.
And the new year.

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